Who is

Genki Graphic?


Now there’s a genki guy!

Jaron has been based in Japan for almost a decade providing advertising design, brand management, and print & digital marketing services primarily in the winter resort town of Niseko.

After managing a wide range of projects in collaboration with a great network of experienced illustrators, photographers, content creators, and web developers, Jaron launched Genki Graphic with the goal of providing Niseko and Tokyo with the complete range of services of a large agency, but with the passion, flexibility, and originality that can only be enjoyed with an agency small enough to focus on a single star-client at a time.


We specialise in Branding projects. This means we thoroughly explore the who, what, and the why of your product or service and then develop a great logo to represent it.
After this step, we can also produce all of the extra marketing material needed to get you up and running; business cards,  internal and external documentation templates, social media banners, flyers, and website. If you have more marketing needs for your project such as advertising and other media, we are always happy to discuss on a client by client basis.

We only focus on larger scale projects. Small scale jobs may be a great fit for a local Freelancer in your community!

You’re in luck! We work closely with a Full Stack developer to ensure that any web site needs you have tie in with your branding seamlessly. Simply let us know, and we can provide a timeline and quote.

We know; when you first started looking for a logo online, you didn’t realise things could get so complicated so fast! You budgeted a couple of hundred dollars for a logo and it’s quickly climbing into the thousands.
It turns out there is quite a bit to the branding process, but we do our very best to guide you through each step because we strongly feel a business that has fully explored their branding has a much greater chance of success.

The benefit of working with a small, online Agency is far fewer overheads! You will be dealing with a one-to-two man team for most of your project needs. We don’t have full-time staff to pay, or an office to rent.

We consider it a disservice to our clients to proceed with any major project without exploring the branding first. Without this step, there is a huge chance the project will need to be reworked again in the future which is a waste of your time and money!

Genki Graphic is a digital agency which means we can work with anyone all over the world!
If you prefer face to face meetings and consultations throughout your project, these may be organised in either Niseko or Tokyo.

Simply send an introduction about yourself and your project using the form below and we’ll get right back to you to organise a Zoom meeting or face-to-face.