SkiJapan Travel Promotional Video

Initial storyboarding and brief for SkiJapan promotional video.
The video was intended to help viewers experience the “Ski Japan Experience” vicariously on-screen by demonstrating the wide range of services the company offers, as well as the various attractions in Japan during a winter holiday.
Shot largely in the first-person perspective, the video takes viewers on a journey from the moment of taking the plunge and booking a holiday through SkiJapan, right through to riding the world-famous powder snow of Niseko, relaxing in natural hot-pools, and experiencing the local cuisine.
The final cut became the go-to resource for demonstrating SkiJapan’s unique service to customers and new staff, with heavy rotation on social media as well as a prominent front-page location on the main website.

Video Shooting and Editing all produced by the talented Erica Tripp:

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